Terms and Conditions


  • Golden Triangle Bike (GTB) does not own, maintain, contribute or take responsibility for trail conditions or closures. Customers are responsible for navigating detours or rearranging the details of their trip.
  • GTB assumes no responsibility and does not offer refunds for abandoned trips, trail closures, or detours
  • GTB assumes no responsibility for sickness, misadventure, trail conditions, closures, casualty, weather, or any other item beyond its control.
  • GTB assumes no responsibility for pandemic or illness related cancelations, delays or travel related issues that pertain to your trip.  We offer several options below to help navigate these issues.

Bike Rental Packages

  • Payment in full is required at the time of booking a reservation.
  • Rider must read and sign waiver of liability prior to departure.
  • Helmets are required and provided with the bike rental package.
  • Cancellation fees are 20% of bike rental package within 5 days.
  • If participant cannot make the reserved trip date (in under 5 days), they can use their rental credit toward a future trip with no penalty. This is based on availability.  Additional days are non-refundable.
  • Renters must agree to follow all traffic laws, signs, rules, and regulations while riding. We ask renters to not use cellular telephones or operate cameras while riding due to the disruption to concentration it may cause.
  • Participants are responsible for the rental equipment, from the time the equipment is rented until the time it is returned, including damage and theft. Please refer to FAQs for detailed information including insurance options.
  • Customer agrees to keep an open account that can be billed for incidentals (ie., unreturned bike or equipment, drop-off fees, damages, etc.).
  • Customer agrees to the use of bikes based on arrangements made at time of rental (ie., trip dates, rental duration, drop off location, etc.). Any variations of those dates or locations are subject to fees.
  • Any extension of our 4 or 8 day bike rental packages are subject to a minimum of $30 per day fee.
  • Customer agrees to return all rental equipment to Golden Triangle Bike Rental (GTBR). Customer agrees to reimburse GTBR for any unreturned or damaged equipment.
  • GTBR cannot guarantee maintenance or trouble-free bikes or equipment. GTBR thoroughly prepares all bikes and equipment before every trip, however, customers should know basic bike mechanics and expect to repair/pay for damage to rental bikes and equipment while on their trip.
  • Customer agrees to use bikes based on our “Ride Relaxed” policy, which is explained in our FAQ sheet and will be discussed prior to customers departure.

Shuttle and Luggage Transfer Service

Shuttle/Transportation Service

  • Payment in full is due at the time of reservation.
  • Customer agrees to sign waiver of liability before boarding shuttle.
  • Our goal is to provide on-time, customized, and private shuttle service. However, GTBR does not offer refund for delays or guaranteed on-time service. Traffic, mechanical difficulties, weather and detours can always contribute to delays. Please plan accordingly and leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination.
  • Cancellation fees are 20% of total shuttle price at 15+ days of scheduled shuttle. Cancellation at 14 or less days will be assessed a 30% fee. There is no refund for shuttle service that is cancelled within 24 hours or less of scheduled departure. There is also no refund/cancellation fee for partial cancellation of a shuttle (example. single person cancellation on a 5 person shuttle does not receive a cancellation fee/refund). Refunds are processed within 30 days.
  • Our shuttle capacity is a maximum of 7 people, bikes and gear.

Luggage Transfer Service

  • All luggage must be tagged
  • Please limit luggage to 1 carry-on size bag and 1 personal item
  • Luggage will be picked up no earlier than 9am and delivered no later than 4pm
  • GTB is not responsible for damaged luggage items/pieces or contents.
  • Please do not pack valuable items and use luggage that can withstand being handled on a daily basis.

Trip Packages

  • A “Trip Package” is defined as any combination of services that includes our lodging/itinerary/trip planning services
  • Unless specified, Payment in full is due at the time of the reservation.
  • Lodging: Accommodations are provided by our tried and true Preferred Trail Partners. Your lodging options are with the BEST AVAILABLE OPTIONS based on itinerary, group dynamics and availability at the time of booking. Our lodging partners are chosen by our experts and based on years of trail experience and customer feedback. Our goal is to set you up with the BEST of the BEST of trail service providers. You are in good hands!
  • Double Occupancy: Unless specified, your room, rates and quotes are based on double occupancy.
  • Separate Beds: When separate beds are required, Golden Triangle Bike can accommodate
  • Private Bath: if private bath is not available, you will be made aware of these conditions prior to booking



  • Cancellations fees and policies: The following fees apply to all lodging packages:
Days to Departure Cancellation fee
30 + days 25% of trip price
15-29 days 50% of trip price
14-7 days 75% of trip price
6 days or less no refund
  • GTB TRIP ASSURANCE: While the world continues to deal with the pandemic and climate change, we are offering some peace of mind with TRIP ASSURANCE.  For a $50 per rider supplement you can lock in a 20% cancellation fee up until 5 days before your departure.  If you have purchased the supplement, you may cancel anytime before 5 days prior to your departure and receive 80% of your trip price.  Any cancellations at 4 days or under are subject to the following cancellation fee of 75% of the total trip price.  ALSO, with this supplement, you may use your payment as a credit in full for a future trip if you cancel up to 5 days prior to departure!  Additional fees will apply for 4 days and under.  Trip Assurance must be purchased at the time of payment for your trip package.

Most of the lodging providers have refund policies that are covered by GTBR’s fees. However, in addition to these cancellation fees, you will also be responsible for any additional non-refundable charges imposed by our lodging vendors. Please let your GAP Guide know if you have any questions regarding cancellations. Processing time for a cancelled lodging package is 30 days.

  • Changes to Trip Dates prior to departure date (without trip assurance): Trip dates can be changed based on availability. GTBR assesses a $100 fee per person for every date change. In the event that the availability of lodging services make a date change impossible, GTBR’s cancellation fees will apply.
  • Changes During your Trip: In the rare instance that you are delayed during your trip and must change your dates for the remainder of your ride, there is no refund for the abandoned lodging accommodations. GTB will do everything possible to help rearrange/re-book your remaining dates at the most reasonable rate possible. You can expect to pay $99-$129 per person per night to have your trip rescheduled or re-booked while en route to your destination.
  • Meals: Although meals are not included in the price of our packages, most lodging options provide breakfast. All other meals, snacks, food and beverages are the responsibility of the rider. Please refer to our Preferred Trail Partner List for detailed information about your options. If you have dietary restrictions, contact our lodging partners directly to discuss your options. Please let our GAP Guides know if you questions or concerns regarding meals.
  • Customer Service: One of our GAP Guides or Attendants are available 7 days a week, during normal business hours. If you have any questions or concerns before, during or after your trip, just give us a call at 412-600-0675. Follow the prompts and leave a voicemail if there is no answer…we will follow up asap. You can also email us at bikepghgapguide@gmail.com

Download the GAP Outfitters Rental & Tour Waiver