Fully-Equipped Bike Rentals!

Not only do we have incredibly awesome bike rental options, we equip them with EVERYTHING you need to make the trip!

Rear rack, Panniers, Tools, Tubes, Helmet, Lock, Handlebar Bag, Headlight, Patch Kit, Tire Levers, Pump, and a Professional Fitting that is second-to-none! 

 Check out the incredible bike options below!

Trek DS 4

Hybrid Bike

The right balance of comfort, stability and trail capability. A great bike for the unique terrain of  both the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath in the Trek Dual Sport.  We can set this baby up to fit your riding preferences and needs. From relaxed to aggressive, this bike does it all!   Fully-Equipped with everything you need for the ride….see list above.

Models: Trek Dual Sport 3

1 to 4 Days: $70/Day

5-8 Day Package: $300

Each Additional Day: $30

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Long Haul

Touring Bike

Our touring bikes can handle the load and are recommended for those riders that are used to drop handlebars or are carrying extra weight (camping gear, tents, stoves, the kitchen sink).  Fully-Equipped with everything you need….see list above.

Model: Surly Long Haul Trucker

1-4 Days: $85/Day

5-8 Day Package: $360

Each Additional Day: $30

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Gravel Bike

Crush the miles and the mixed surfaces of the trail! IF you own one, you know.  If you haven’t tried one, you should.  And, this trail is the perfect opportunity.  Fast, fun and can handle anything you throw its way.  Gravel Bikes are amazing!

Model: Kona Rove

1-4 Days: $95/Day

5-8 Day Package: $400

Each Additional Day: $30

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Pedal assist bike that gets 40-60 miles in Eco and Touring Mode.

Model: Trek Allant+7 Low Step

1-4 Days: $140/Day

5-8 Day Package: $575

Each Additional Day: $50

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Two is better than one.  Experience the trail on one of our awesome Tandems.  The perfect balance of touring capability and performance, the Salsa Powderkeg is second to none.

Model: Salsa Powderkeg

1-4 Days: $140/Day

5-8 Day Package: $650

Each Additional Day: $50

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Adventure Mountain Bike

This bike is ready for anything.  Pack light and crush the miles in any kind of conditions on this go-anywhere-handle-anything set up

Model: Kona Cinder Cone, Kona Kahuna

1-4 Days: $85/Day

5-8 Day Package: $360

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One Way Rentals and Drop-off Fees

Want to ride your bike one-way and drop it off in Cumberland or DC, hassle-free?….No problemo.

Add the charges below to the above rental fees and you’ve got yourself a Fully-Equipped-One-Way-Bike-Rental-Extravaganza!

Washington DC – $120 per Bike (Tandem-$200)

  Cumberland, MD – $95 per Bike (Tandem-$150)


Our bike drop off locations are super-conveniently located at Maine Ave SW in DC and in Canal Place in Cumberland.   The DC drop off is about 3 miles from the mile 0 of the towpath.  The Cumberland drop off is directly on the trail at Mile 0 of the Great Allegheny Passage!

Extras and Add-Ons

We also have a wide variety of extra equipment that, while not necessary to complete you journey, can add to your comfort and experience! All of these rentals are available as an add-on to your fully-equipped bike rental package. Ask about pricing and availability at the time of reservation.  Add-ons include: taillights, trunk bags, smartphone mounts, computers, mirrors, bar ends, CO 2, auto racks, BOB Trailers and more!


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