Custom Itinerary, Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC via GAP and C&O Canal


Difficulty Level: VARIES,
but the distance is significant

GAP surface is crushed limestone and max 1% climb.
C&O surface is mostly level, double-track dirt road

Recommended Services:

  • Luggage Transfer leave your suitcase in your room; find it waiting for you later in the day.
  • One-Way Rental  drop your bike off when you’re finished with the trip, it’s convenient and then you’re on your way, OR
  • Tour Guides – have an experienced ride-along guide join your party to reduce uncertainty and improve your experience!


Our Customized Itinerary from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC via the GAP Trail and the C&O Canal Towpath is your opportunity to design exactly what you’d like your adventure to be – and it’s our opportunity to demonstrate what we can do for you!

Our Adventure Architects will ask about your wants and needs and design a plan to meet your hopes – relieving you of the research, phone calls, and arranging!

Fill out the form below to get the process started. But here’s some food for thought:

  • How many days will you want to be on the trails?
  • Interested in a day tour of Pittsburgh or DC?
  • Any members of your party interested in a spa session?
  • End of day cycling massage?
  • Riverside yoga?
  • Photography or Railroad buffs?
  • Care to tour Civil War battlefields?
  • Fallingwater? White water rafting?
  • Glamping? Staying in a Yurt?

Let us design your perfect adventure!