County Executive Rich Fitzgerald Bikes Pgh-to-DC

Generally we see elected officials at ground-breaking ceremonies and ribbon-cuttings, but it’s rare to see an elected official announce their intention to ride 335 miles from Pittsburgh to DC, and ride every mile while live-tweeting, to see first-hand what the trail economy is all about and to also promote economic development for Allegheny County and Pittsburgh.

ACE Rich Fitzgerald, Cathy Fitzgerald, & family begin their trip to DC at Golden Triangle Bike.

ACE Rich Fitzgerald, Mrs. Cathy Fitzgerald, their daughter Caroline and significant-other Adam, joined by ColCom Foundation’s John Rohe and Friends of the Riverfront’s Board President Damon Rhodes.

Golden Triangle Bike provided trip planning, lodging, luggage shuttle, a ride-along tour guide, and rental bikes to group members who needed them. Along the way the group was joined by Linda Boxx and Dr. Karen Hacker (Director of Alleg.County Dept of Health).